Victims Affected Elk River Spill

Victims Affected Elk River Spill

Victims Affected

Thousands of businesses and residents and West Virginia were not able to drink, cook, bathe or wash clothes.

Thousands Affected By Chemical Spill

Thousands Affected By Chemical Spill

Lives At Risk

The spill put approximately 300,000 people at risk. People suffered from health risks and were faced with widespread fear.

Help For Victims

Help For Victims


Our class action lawsuit seeks to help compensate people who were affected by the chemical spill in any way.

Chemical Holding Tanks

Chemical Holding Tanks

Chemical Spill in Elk River

Contaminates Water in Nine Counties

On January 9, 2014, someone noticed a strange smell coming from a storage facility owned by Freedom Industries along Elk River in Kanawha County, West Virginia. The smell was coming from a toxic substance known as 4-Methylcyclohexane Methanol (“MCHM”), which was leaking out of a 48,000-gallon tank on the premises. West Virginia-American Water Company relies heavily on the Elk River for its water treatment, and as a result the substance was delivered into the homes of thousands customers.

  • The spill shut down a large portion of the state’s capital.
  • The office of the Governor of West Virginia declared a state of emergency.
  • Residents advised not to not drink, bathe or wash clothes.
Chemical Holding Tanks

Chemical Holding Tanks

Chemical and Water Company

Chemical and Water Company

Tanks Leak Origin

Tanks Leak Origin

Knowledge Of The Spill

Freedom Industries and West Virginia-American Water Company allegedly knew about the spill soon after it was reported, but didn’t warn the public or close off its intake from the Elk River until hours later. Furthermore, hours passed until the West Virginia-American Water Company even began testing for MCHM. The U.S. Chemical Safety Board and other federal authorities have opened an investigation over the spill.

Authorities have taken issue with the chemical spill, especially after a lawmaking session in the Capitol was cut short on January 10th, 2014 due to a lack of water. This incident has led many to question how Freedom Industries has been able to dodge health and safety regulations this entire time. Randy Huffman, the Department of Environmental Protection Secretary, has publicly stated that there is “no question” that Freedom should have alerted the public sooner

Knowledge Of The Spill

Knowledge Of The Spill

4-Methylcyclohexane Methanol ("MCHM"),

4-Methylcyclohexane Methanol (“MCHM”),

4-Methylcyclohexane Methanol (“MCHM”) Spill

MCHM is a substance that is used to wash coal of its impurities. It is dangerous if swallowed, and can irritate the skin and eyes. News outlets in West Virginia have warned residents that exposure to the substance could cause nausea, vomiting and skin irritation. MCHM has a licorice-like odor.

Class Action Lawsuit Filed over Refugio Oil Spill

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Oil Train Derails, Destroying One House and Evacuating Two Towns

A CSX Corporation train moving North Dakota crude derailed earlier this week in West Virginia. The derailment led to a number of cars bursting into flames, the destruction of one house, and the evacuation of two towns. The derailment is the second “significant” incident that involved an oil train in a three-day period, according to […]

Montana Oil Spill Raises Concerns about Aging Pipeline Network

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Exxon’s Attempt to De-Certify Class Action Lawsuit over Oil Spill is Opposed

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WVA Water Tap Testing

Following Chemical Spill. WV Tap Water Samples Collected, Test Results Expected in 1-3 weeks

Following the massive chemical spill into West Virginia’s Elk River that left some 300,000 people without water for days, a state-commissioned study on the tap water there is underway. The results, based on samples taken from 10 area homes will be released in about one-to-three weeks, according to researchers leading the study. The chemical, 4-methylcyclohexane […]

West Virginians Still Do Not Trust Water

West Virginia Residents Still Not Drinking Water, Alleging Adverse Reactions and Fear of Long-Tern Effects

Although health officials have assured residents of Charleston, West Virginia, that the tap water there is safe, residents are not drinking water that comes from a supply that was contaminated following a massive chemical spill on January 9th. The spill, which originated from a leaking Freedom Industries storage tank that contained at least two toxic […]

WVA Water Safety Still Concerns

More than a Month After Elk River Chemical Spill, Many West Virginians Still Doubtful of Water

It’s been over a month since the storage tank owned by Freedom Industries leaked thousands of gallons of chemicals into the Elk River, and residents are still concerned about the safety of their water. Even though government officials have said for weeks that the water is suitable for regular daily needs, many are hesitant to […]

Another Spill Coal Slurry West Virginia

Another MCHM Chemical Spill in West Virginia

Another MCHM chemical spill has occurred in West Virginia. This time, the chemical came from an unknown amount of coal slurry that leaked into a tributary of the Kanawha River on Tuesday, said the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection. The spill happened between midnight and 5:30am Monday, when a slurry line ruptured and the […]

Elk River Inspection Problems Found

Before Elk River Spill, Federal Safety Inspectors Found that Freedom Tank Did Not Meet Industry Standards

The Elk River chemical spill has opened up a number of questions about safety regulations, or lack thereof, and how one leaky storage tank was able to contaminate the drinking water for 300,000 West Virginians. Now, West Virginia Gazette reports that three months before the leak happened, federal safety inspectors found that the chemical storage […]

West Virginia Business Owners Suffer Huge Losses Due to Elk River Chemical Spill

The West Virginia chemical spill has been detrimental to the local economy. Restaurants, hotels, retail stores, day cares, bed and breakfast inns and even airlines have suffered economic losses because of the leak that left 300,000 people without clean tap water. On January 9th, about 7,500 gallons of 4-methylcyclohexane methanol (MCHM) were discovered leaking out […]

We Seek To Help Those Affected

Our class action lawsuit seeks to help compensate people who were affected by the chemical spill in any way. We believe that companies should be held responsible for their actions.