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Oil Train Derails, Destroying One House and Evacuating Two Towns

A CSX Corporation train moving North Dakota crude derailed earlier this week in West Virginia. The derailment led to a number of cars bursting into flames, the destruction of one house, and the evacuation of two towns. The derailment is the second “significant” incident that involved an oil train in a three-day period, according to […]

WVA Water Tap Testing

Following Chemical Spill. WV Tap Water Samples Collected, Test Results Expected in 1-3 weeks

Following the massive chemical spill into West Virginia’s Elk River that left some 300,000 people without water for days, a state-commissioned study on the tap water there is underway. The results, based on samples taken from 10 area homes will be released in about one-to-three weeks, according to researchers leading the study. The chemical, 4-methylcyclohexane […]

West Virginians Still Do Not Trust Water

West Virginia Residents Still Not Drinking Water, Alleging Adverse Reactions and Fear of Long-Tern Effects

Although health officials have assured residents of Charleston, West Virginia, that the tap water there is safe, residents are not drinking water that comes from a supply that was contaminated following a massive chemical spill on January 9th. The spill, which originated from a leaking Freedom Industries storage tank that contained at least two toxic […]

Water Testing Grants West Virginia

Three Grants Awarded by the NSF for Study of the West Virginia Chemical Spill

Rapid Response Research Grants—RAPID grants—have been awarded to three research teams by the National Science Foundation (NSF). The grants will be put toward work that will endeavor to determine the properties of the chemical that spilled into the Elk River in West Virginia earlier this month. The January 9th chemical spill resulted in a water […]

Wva Spill Hospitalizations Increase

Hospital Admissions Double Following West Virginia Chemical Spill, Chemical Compound Found to Contain Undeclared Ingredient

Although officials have declared that the water in West Virginia, following the spill of a coal chemical into the Elk River, is safe, hospital admissions tied to the chemical spill have doubled in just one week. On January 9th, a chemical known as “Crude MCHM,” a frothing agent used to clean coal, leaked into the […]

Water-Relief Tankers Pulled In West Virginia Following Complaints of Unusual Odor

Water-Relief Tankers Pulled In West Virginia Following Complaints of Unusual Odor

The chemical that leaked into the Elk River in West Virginia led to a nine-county water ban and declaration of a state of emergency. Little is known about the chemical involved, 4-methylcyclohexane methanol, which is a coal cleaner and frothing agent that gives off a licorice smell. Most recently, reports were being received that water […]

West Virginia Class Action Lawsuits Filed

Class Action Lawsuits Filed Following West Virginia Chemical Spill Leads, More Expected

The chemical leak into the Elk River on January 9th left 300,000 people without water in West Virginia and worrying about a coal cleaning chemical whose long-term effects remain largely unknown. The governor declared a state of emergency and the water ban spanned nine counties. Now, at least eight class action lawsuits have been filed […]

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