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Montana Oil Spill Raises Concerns about Aging Pipeline Network

Montana Oil Spill Raises Concerns about Aging Pipeline Network

A January 17 oil spill into the Yellowstone River, the second large oil spill in less than four years, has revived questions about oversight of the nation’s aging pipeline network. Federal investigators and company officials were trying to determine the cause of the 40,000-gallon spill, which contaminated downstream water supplies in the city of Glendive, […]

Exxon’s Attempt to De-Certify Class Action Lawsuit over Oil Spill is Opposed

Exxon Mobil’s efforts to decertify the class action status of a lawsuit over an oil spill in Mayflower, Arkansas should be denied, an attorney representing the suing party says. According to Arkansas Democrat Gazette, the lawsuit was granted class action status by U.S. District Judge Brian Miller; this decision is being petitioned by Exxon Mobil.

Freedom Industries Chemical Disclosure

Freedom Failed to Disclose that Another Chemical Leaked into Elk River

Things are looking worse and worse for Freedom Industries, who filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy last week following the disastrous chemical spill in West Virginia. Now, the state Department of Environmental Protection is saying that the company violated state code by failing to mention the presence of a second chemical in the tank. About 300,000 […]

Pregnant Women West Virginia Chemical Spill

Pregnant Women Told Not to Drink West Virginia Tap Water

The chemical spill that left thousands of West Virginians without clean running water this past week has been making headlines. In the past few days, some residents have been told that their tap water is safe, but many are questioning whether or not this is true, especially if pregnant women are now being advised against […]

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